Enabling Scripting

Scripting languages, such as JavaScript and VBScript, bring dynamic and interactive features to Web sites. McAfee uses these scripting technologies to bring customized content to McAfee Web pages. Scripting must be enabled before you can use the programs and services offered by McAfee.

To enable scripting:

  1. On the Tools menu, click Internet Options.
  2. In the Internet Options dialog box, click the Security tab, and then click Custom Level.
  3. In the Security Settings dialog box, select Enable for Active scripting under Scripting.
  4. Click OK, and then click Yes to confirm the change.
  5. Click OK, and then click OK again.
  6. Press F5 to refresh the current Web page.

When you successfully complete these steps, scripting will be enabled. Click Back to go to the Download Manager download page.