McAfee Always On Protection™

Always Protected

All paid subscriptions to McAfee services are automatically enrolled in the McAfee Always On Protection™ program. A subscription due to expire will be automatically renewed for one additional term. This program enables paid subscribers to continue receiving uninterrupted protection from McAfee security services. So there's no need to worry about an unexpected expiration leaving your PC with a security hole.

Always Current

McAfee services regularly check for updates and upgrades through the Internet, automatically prompting you to download and install any new releases from McAfee. With traditional software, you might have to purchase and install each new version as it's released. With McAfee Always On Protection™, no matter how many improvements or additions are made, you're guaranteed a full term of anytime, anywhere access for one low annual subscription fee. Your protection is always up to date!

The Details

Automatic Renewal: All subscriptions will be automatically renewed at the then-current price for the service, which excludes promotional and discount pricing. Within sixty (60) days of an automatic renewal, upon request, customers may cancel the service and receive a full refund.

Credit Card: Based on the customer's agreement to have his/her subscription to a McAfee service automatically renewed, McAfee will charge the credit card number provided by the customer to McAfee, provided such credit card is still valid. In the event the customer has provided McAfee with more than one credit card number, only one credit card will be charged.

Renewal Date: A paid subscription to a McAfee service will be automatically renewed 30 days prior to its expiration date and an email confirming the transaction would be sent to the customer.