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Purchase will enable leading consumer ASP to provide McAfee Clinic subscribers with "anti-hacker" technology
Excite@Home to offer McAfee Personal Firewall service to Excite@Home customers in @Home Online Safety Area
SANTA CLARA, Calif., January 31, 2000 -- (Nasdaq: MCAF), the leading global consumer Application Service Provider (ASP) of online PC security and management services, announced today that it has agreed to acquire Canada-based Signal9 Solutions Canada Inc. The $18 million transaction, comprised of cash and Class A Common Stock, is expected to close within the next several weeks.

Signal9's award-winning products, ConSeal Private Desktop and ConSeal PC Firewall will be incorporated into the services lineup later this quarter. ConSeal Private Desktop is a personal firewall that offers comprehensive security control of the PC connection to the Internet. Designed for the non-technical user, it prevents hackers and crackers from accessing personal computer files, running Trojan attacks or crashing a system. It blocks all known attacks found on the Internet, including Back Orifice, Netbus, denial of service and cyberstalkers.

"Consumers are becoming increasingly very aware of the various threats posed by malicious behavior on the Internet, " said President and CEO Srivats Sampath. "We are now adding personal firewall services that will protect the consumer from hackers, in much the same way our anti-virus services protect the consumer from malicious computer code in the form of viruses."

The acquisition enables the incorporation of Signal9's products into the services line-up under the name McAfee Personal Firewall. Signal9 senior engineering staff will join in their Santa Clara offices and will be active participants in developing the next generation of security products for consumers. Signal9 staff joining will also provide ongoing support for existing Signal9 customers.

Excite@Home to offer McAfee Personal Firewall
In a separate announcement today, Excite@Home (Nasdaq: ATHM), and have partnered to provide security services to the Excite@Home user base. The security tools will be integrated into the @Home Online Safety Area and bring key functionality, including a free 90-day trial of the new McAfee Personal Firewall. Personal Firewall will protect users of both dial-up and broadband Internet services. Broadband connectivity - in the form of DSL or cable modem services - can be more risky because of its "always-on" connection feature, leaving users open to potential hackers on an around the clock basis. Broadband adoption rates - in both DSL and cable modems - are expected to soar in the coming years. Forrester Research predicts that more than 26 million people will subscribe to broadband services by the year 2003.

Firewalls protect consumers from hackers and other unwanted activities directed at their PCs. The McAfee Personal Firewall is a consumer-friendly, ready to use product that will allow the non-technically savvy user to provide state of the art protection against hackers and malicious code on the Internet. A fact sheet about the firewall features can be found here: Slides about the product can be found here: is the Internet destination that enables Internet users to secure and manage their PCs over the Web. At the core of is the McAfee Clinic, a subscription service that provides consumers with web-based virus protection, PC maintenance and optimization services based on award-winning McAfee products like VirusScan, FirstAid, Uninstaller, and Oil Change.'s Web site is one of the most highly trafficked sites on the Web for software downloads with approximately 250,000 downloads per day. also has more than 350,000 unique visitors each day and has signed up more than 200,000 paid subscribers to date.

Headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., is a leading global consumer Application Service Provider (ASP) devoted to providing PC users with online services to secure, manage, repair, update and upgrade their PCs over the Internet. Combined with a range of content, shopping and personalization services, has attracted millions of users in over 230 countries and territories to become one of the largest and most targeted communities for PC users on the Internet. For more information, can be reached at (408) 572-1500 or on the Internet at

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